Luxury Line in denim, your opinion?

  1. Personally, I don't think its worth it to buy a chanel bag in denim. Simply because I think it gets dirty easily.
    Out of the 3, I liked the 1st one best.:smile:
  2. wow that's a great site for picture references!!! are they authentic? they look it!
  3. Hi,
    they look authentic :smile:
  4. that ivory bowler is gorgeous!!!!!!
  5. I agree, too much to pay for denim and they don't look they'll hold up well after a couple of use. I'll, save more to get them in leather. Also Chanel is always classy, and I must say these 3 models look way too casual. Sorry, but not for me.
  6. eh. . . none of them really :sad:

    THe last one looks most practical to me though, could make a great diaper bag.
  7. I think they are a bit expensive for denim...... having said that, I do think they are really cute ( but too young for me!). I think the 1st one is the cutest.
  8. None of them really...I think they are too expensive but if obliged(haha) to choose I would go for the second!
  9. Nice!!!! I think the denim bags were cheaper in the US, no?
  10. I have the third one and it is great(would make a super diaper bag) but since I only used it once, decided to part with it. It is a big bag but not too big and made well.
  11. denimtotechanel.jpg All the stitching is metallic gold.