Luxury durable is it??

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  1. I want to get either the flap or med. bowler in the luxury line, but before I spend $2500, I wanted to get some opinions on the durability of this bag. Can it scratch easily? What about water/rain spots? I have the large cambon tote and that is a wonderful bag. I don't have to worry much about my tote. If I get something from the luxury line I want to be able to use it and not worry. I want to use it everyday, not just for special occasions.

    Any opinions from those who own this bag would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have the Cambon and the Lux line totes....HONESTLY..the Cambon is WAY more practical and durable..I am way too scared to take the Lux line tote out in the rain!! it is SUPER soft and I could see it getting ruined too easily!!
  3. I don't own anything from the LUX line but when I was at a boutique, the SA tried to scratch the bag that was on display just to show its durability. It didn't scratch at all! So, I think it's scratch-resistand but not sure about the water. Since Jill has something from that line, she would know better!
  4. To me, the matte leathers look more prone to scratching than the metallics. I have a black metallic. Just started using it... I think it's pretty durable since it's goat instead of calfskin. But I don't know how the gold & silver metallic will fare as time goes by... Not sure if that metallic sparkle will rub off.

    The black metallic is more like a glossy sheen than an actually speckling of metallic--hope that makes sense!
  5. I have the Luxe Flap in metallic black and have carried it everyday {except while here at Disney! and it seems perfectly duarble to me. I'll add that I have 3 children and do not have the option of 'babying' it and it's perfect still!
  6. ah I want a lux so bad! But only if it comes in this travel size: :love: :love: :love:
    Chanel Large Lux Bowler.jpg
  7. i have the matte black bowler and i dont treat it as nicely as it should and it's still in mint condition! =) when i bought mine the SA told me the calfskin is treated so that it's scratchproof. :biggrin: i bet the metallic would show stains less though. :yes:
  8. To all you owners of the black metallic luxury line, now that you have had it for a few more months, how is the metallic black holding up? how is the leather holding up in general? I really want one of these bags but want to do all my homework first!! Like swanky, I have little ones and you never know what will happen to a bag!
  9. mine is still perfection!!!
    I'd recommend it or buy another in a heartbeat!
  10. the metallic leather is still perfect after many uses and is very very durable. This is the most durable bag I have ever used compared to Balenciaga, Fendi etc... I would recommend the bag to anyone.
  11. I personally had the Lux flat shopping tote & returned it. I loved the metallic black but the style was not practical for all my stuff. I returned the day of the Chanel trunk show in my area & the Chanel rep showed me her large bowler & there were areas where the black was worn or rubbed off down to the silver. She said she travels alot & has had the bag over a year so it has been through alot. I think if you don't abuse it you will be fine. It is such a beautiful bag!
  12. Was this a black metallic or a black matte?
  13. I wonder if hers was a 'lemon'{?}
    I actually do not baby mine at all at it looks the same today as the day I bought it:shrugs:
    I throw it in my front seat, have kids mashing it, go grocery shopping. . .
  14. Swanky, sounds like we have the same life....:smile:
    The bags that I have purchased that I feel I have to baby sit in the closet and get very, very limited use...What good is that?
  15. ^no good at all!
    I've been learning over the past few years not to buy anything that I won't truly use and enjoy!