luxury line flap or diamond stitch bag???

  1. Hi there,
    I want a black bag with silver chain straps that I can wear on my shoulder. I'd like to be able to wear it both in casual wear and a bit more dressy. I am trying to decide between the two bags above. For those of you that aren't as familiar with the second, here is a post from likeafeather

    Any advice would be so helpful...And if someone by chance has both, could you tell me which holds more???
  2. I prefer the diamond stitch. A friend of mine purchased it in brown and sent me a pic. It's gorgeous! This is the large size that retails for around $1720.
    Chanel diamond stitch.jpg
  3. Thanks Roey, I think I am leaning toward this...I think it may look a little more modern. (I am so indecisive though that the next post may sway me in the other direction)....:wtf:
  4. Definitely the luxury line.
  5. Agree!
  6. Now I feel like I need both. See how easily I am swayed.... Yikes, what to do, what to do....:nuts:
  7. When my Chanel SA was helping me decide between the diamond stitch & Vintage Square lines, he described the diamond stitch to me as a more casual bag because the leather has a bit of a distressed look. The Lux Metallic flap I dress up and also dress down (jeans) very easily. It's got a real edgy look to it too. There isn't a place I go that someone isn't ogling it. If it is possible to swing both because you love them both, then go for it... I think the Diamond stitch in the dark brown is very nice on that style.
  8. I've tried on both and totally prefer the luxe. The other felt too boxy under my arm.
  9. Does anyone know what the diamond stich measures? I'd like to compare sizes...
    (thanks again for all this great fb)
  10. I haven't seen the diamond stitch in person so I can't help you decide between the two. From the pictures above it looks very nice. If you could afford to get both, I would.

    However, I recommend you get something in the luxury line while you still can.
  11. Definitely the luxe!! I've carried both IRL and trust me, nothing beats the feel of a medium luxe flap under your arm.
  12. diamond stitch no likey the luxe bags...except for the f/w for thjis year... hmmmmmm
  13. Luxe, definitely.