Luxury Line - Colors Available for Medium Bowler

  1. I was informed by the S Sup in Chanel Singapore that the medium bowlers come in the following:

    Metallic Silver
    Metallic Gold
    Black in Goat Skin (Shiny)
    Black Lambskin (Matt)

    I read somewhere in one of the thread that it comes in Metallic Black Silver??? Is that true?! Cos I would rather get the metallic black silver instead of another black lambskin bowler since I already bought the small bowler in Lambskin!!!!

    Well actually, do u guys think I should get the medium bowler since I already have the small bowler?? (Yes i am a little nuts..:weird: :wacko: )

    The S Sup told me that there will be more styles for the luxury line comes July/Aug... should i just wait for the next wave of new models to come in?
  2. Wait for the next shipment and see what it has..I have a lux black tote.....nice line...but wait and see what comes out!
  3. ^^^agree!
  4. Haha.. Ok i will try to wait.. just gotta make sure that my mood doesn't dip too low.. when retail therapy kicks in..
  5. I think the Black in Goat Skin (Shiny) is the metallic black silver. I just bought a black metallic medium bowler. It's goatskin and it's shiny--not really metallic, metallic...
  6. it's actually calfskin, (not lambskin) for the matt one. =)
  7. cant wait to see pics of those who get these gorgeous bags!
  8. here you go.
    IMG_4136.JPG IMG_4147.JPG
  9. my calf skin small bowler..

    I am still very obsessed with the medium since it's convenient since u can strap it over your shoulder...

    BTW how do i do the thumbnails photo thingy??
  10. i love these bags. I may need one.
  11. It's such a pretty bag! Quick question to all you experts: does anyone know if Mischa's black bowler is the medium or the large size? It's the perfect size that I want but I can't tell by the picture. Thanks!
  12. I don't understand the picture.... is the red one the small size and the pink one medium? How is that possible?:shame:

  13. I would like to know too :biggrin:
  14. The red one is the Small (thinner but longer than the Medium), the Pink is the Medium and the Black is the Large. I've been doing my research on these bags too - lol!
  15. it looks like she has the medium to me.