Luxury Ligne Metallic Flap coming to me on Friday! Still looking for....

  1. I finally located a metallic black flap from Saks in MD (thanks to a sweet PFer!). It's going to arrive to me on Friday :yahoo: But i'm still looking for a medium bowler, either in deerskin black, metallic black or silver. anyone know where i can locate one?? thanks! :heart:
  2. Awww congrats!!! I hear that the bowlers are extremely difficult to find. I think another member just found one today after lots of phone calls. Good luck! I know for sure that the NM and Chanel in SF have none. So you can cross those off your list...
  3. Congrats! Hope to see your handbag soon!
  4. Congrats on finding this gorgeous bag.

  5. I saw one today at chanel at Neiman Marcus in tysons corner,va
  6. ^^ metallic black i believe, good luck!