Luxury ligne leathers for bowlers...

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  1. Soo, I was looking around at the luxury ligne bowlers and was kind of confused. I did some research on the board and was looking thru some pictures.

    I have the bright silver bowler in medium size but was wondering a few things:

    1. How many different leathers did the luxury bowlers come in?

    2. What are the differences in appearance, weight and durability of the leathers?

    3. What colors came in each leather?

    (not sure which leather mine is either)...

  2. Hi! I can try to answer your questions... but maybe someone more knowledgeable about bowlers will come along! :smile:

    1. Deerskin, goatskin, calfskin, patent. Your bright silver is the same leather as the bright gold I returned recently for rubbing - metallic goatskin.

    2. I think the deerskin leather is the most coveted (especially the metallic black deerskin - for its durability, and because it's gorgeous!)... the metallic goatskin (which I have, in black and dark silver) holds up well too, and additionally, Chanel corrected the "rubbing" problem with their cruise bowlers... the calfskin bowler I believe was treated, so that probably holds up well too! Patent - I've heard many things... great to take out in the rain, durable... but I'm not so sure, because patent is quite delicate, and prone to color transfer (and if it occurs on a light color, it's permanent).

    3. Colors I've seen - bright gold and bright silver (goatskin), metallic black (in both the goatskin, and deerskin), goatskin in dark silver, and bronze (bronze in deerskin and goatskin), calfskin in black, red, coral, white and I can't think of much more right now... HTH!! :smile:
  3. The deerskin leather does indeed hold up beautifully in terms of durability and is gorgeous - BUT - there was a debate when the deerskin made its debut last year about whether or not it is metallic. The leather has a lustrous sheen; however, I have since discovered that the sheen is not inherent in the deerskin hide. There *is* a metallic finish on this bag because mine has faded. While the handles are still pitch black, the body of the bag now has a very subtle bronzey undertone. It's not a peeling or a rubbing; it's a very even-toned, gradual fading. The bag still looks pretty but it's clearly not the dark black color of last year when I bought it.

    I figure one of two things will happen: 1) I will end up returning it to Nordstrom if the fading gets worse, or 2) I will end up with a beautiful khaki/bronze bowler!

    I'm not ready to part with it because the difference is so subtle. It's most noticeable on the CC logo. I doubt a photo would even pick up the fading.

    My metallic goatskin flap has not changed.
  4. Minal, are you sure the dark silver is goatskin? Isn't that one from cruise last year? If so, I think it is calfskin. The cruise bowlers are calfskin leather. Goatskin was only for spring 06 I think.
  5. Hi Roey. :smile: Actually, I just assumed it was, because I thought I read someone's post here indicating that it was goatskin... I must be mistaken! It must be calfskin, as you said, since it is a cruise '07 piece... and I think you're right about the spring '06 bowlers being goatskin (like my metallic black bowler)! :smile:
    - Ohhhhh! This was my 1000th post, yay!!

  6. Howdo you think the calfskin will hold up?? I belive its been treated so its scratch resistent.
  7. my bowler is actually silver...not dark silver...wait--were there more than one silver in the luxury bowlers?

    they told me mine was a limited edition silver and i bought it around spring time 2006.

    im looking for a bowler in the salmon pink color or black...which leather options are there for those colors?

  8. Okay bumping up an old thread cuz it's relevant to what I'm researching.
    So just to clarify:

    1.The original luxe bowlers from S/S 06 - gold & silver are made from goatskin? These are the ones with metal Made in plate inside the bag.

    2.The luxe bowlers from cruise 06 - dark silver & bronze are made from calfskin?I read on this thread though that these are deerskin.Can any1 enlighten me on this? Also the cruise bowlers just have the Made in stamp right on the leather inside the bag yes?

    3.What is the leather underneath the patent on the bowlers?
  9. I can only help with the dark silver luxe bowler from cruise. I was told this was deerskin (am not 100% sure) - it does feel a lot different from my calf bags and the leather is textured, not flat. It has a Made In stamp inside the bag, no Made In plate.
  10. Yes, I'm sure the dark grey and bronze luxury bowlers are deerskin too.
  11. Thank u Mon & hipnycmom for your answers.The deerskin has no discolouration am i right?It's the goatskin (from the silver & gold luxe bags) that was defective?
  12. Yes that's right. I don't believe anyone has ever posted about problems with the metallic deerskin bags. However the metallic goatskin bags were more shiny (eye catching) than the deerskin.