Luxury Ligne in Red

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  1. Can any luxury ligne experts tell me if the red comes in various shades or just one shade? Is there a true red shade and a burgundy shade too? Also does it come in calfskin and also deerskin? TIA! :flowers:
  2. There was only one shade of red:
  3. i don't really like it...its too blah
  4. Thanks for the info and pic Mon! :flowers:
  5. it is not at all a vibrant red - but I have the exact same bag as in the picture and I love the color ...
  6. I LOVED the Luxe red!!!!!
  7. It was a gorgeous red! I loved that color!!!
  8. I couldn't believe that Chanel offered Anne any Chanel bag and she choose that one!!! I have the silver lux bowler and I love it, but if I could have ANY Chanel bag. Actually, I believe they ask her which of these colors would you like and she said red. So i guess she did not choose the bag style. They chose the bag for her?????