Luxury Ligne Discontinued?

  1. I apologize if this has been posted before, I looked but did not find the answer to this. My SA told me yesterday that Chanel is doing away with the luxe ligne after this season, is this true?? Thanks!
  2. My SA said that they will be getting black and white luxe ligne bags for spring/summer 07. I believe japs also stated that she knows chanel is bringing back silver and another color. This line seems to be a huge hit for them, I can't imagine them doing away with it. I'd cry if they did!
  3. I don't think so. I do know that the Modern Chain is an extension on the Luxe Ligne though.
  4. From what I know.... All lines from Chanel get discontinued after 1, 2, or most 3 years other than the Timeless CC line. Only caviar and lambskin are the materials that will always be around. Everything else comes and goes.
  5. LUX line is coming again and will be again and again....

    I think they try to make a good use for the expensive machine they well spent.
  6. ^weird, my Chanel SA @ NM and my Chanel SA @ Chanel sid the Luxe Ligne is all handmade{?} as are pretty much the rest of Chanel.
  7. Hmm... I wonder why my SA said that then. Oh well, I bought my first Chanel anyways, I doubt it'll be my last! Thanks for the info! I really really want that bowler next!
  8. 0o0o0o - thank goodness, I know it will be a LONG while before I can get a LUX bowler! But I'm glad it will stay around!
  9. Hi everyone,
    I was in the Chanel store on 57th street in NYC yesterday and saw the largest size bowlers (from the cruise collection I think), I asked if they were getting the smaller sizes in soon, and one of the SAs said she didn't see the smaller size coming in at all. I didn't go to the last trunk show so was wondering if this information sounds correct? Thanks!!
  10. I was in the sloane street boutique yesterday and the SA told me that the luxury ligne has been discontinued, Is this true? Could someone please verify this? I planned to get one from Paris over the weekend......:confused1:
  11. ahhhh i used to be crazy over the luxury bowler in metallic gold / silver but i'm so over it so thank god! i've found better and more fab TDF lovelies to replace my crave for luxe bowler! hope you'll get your dream bag soon dear! xo
  12. It has been said that Chanel is releasing the Luxe bowler in crackled patent leather in black and gold ,if I recollect right!I love bowlers too!Hope you find one !keep us posted!:yes:
  13. :shrugs: it's been available in different colors and leathers since it's introduction, they had some for this F/W:yes:
  14. They still have some patent ones left in NM. Then there's the crackled patent coming for Cruise.
  15. saw a patent bowler in black today and a white patent flap as well. . . they're still out there for sure.