Luxury ligne bowler black metallic back?

  1. Is it true? Ive been reading threads here and there where people have posted that their SAs said its coming back for September? Can someone verify this for me? And which stores will be getting it or who's SA said it will be back.

    Is this going to be the black metallic leather one?


  2. So i've heard. I was also wondering which leather is gonna be re-released. Deerskin, Calfskin, Goatskin?
    i really wish it will be the deerskin. I am dying to get one in Metallic Black- Medium.
    Someone pls confirm it.
  3. my SA confirmed it...she placed my name on the list already:heart::tup:
  4. Amour - would you happen to know which leather? is it the Metallic Deerskin? thanks
  5. what color would they have, I want one :yahoo:

    How much is it?!

  6. my SA said it's the same leather as the metallic black in the previous season....

    as for other colors, i am not sure:smile:
  7. Thank you so much, Amour. :heart:

    Love lux bowler, great size and so pretty.:love:
    Hope they will got more color in deerskin. I love mine in deerskin.
    it's so soft and durable.

    But dont know if they will increase the price?!
  8. My SA has confirmed the luxe bowler will be back. There will definitely be a black but she wasn't sure about which leather it will be.
  9. :nuts: WOW~ Great news!!! Do anyone know how much?
  10. can someone post who their SA is and which store and location...thanks so much!
  11. thank you very much Amour and Gwen10 for confirming it. this is really a good news for me. and i know most girls here also wanted the bowler. I'll ask my friend to waitlist for me. since i am living in a country where there is no chanel boutique:sad:
  12. YUP, it is coming back!!! A lovely tpf-er gave me her SAs information. I've been so excited for the past two weeks, waiting! I hope it is metallic but I will be happy with matte too.. I just don't want it to be too high maintenance.

    calisnoopy: did you get my PM?
  13. Is it only coming back in the US? Does anyone know?
  14. fashion_gurl I am from the Philippines too:tup:

    perce sweetie..I got your PM..PM'd you back:smile::heart: (btw, I miss u)

    heard that the price is gonna be $24xx or something like that....not sure..need to call my SA to confirm
  15. Thanx Amour hon:love: Got your PM ;)