Luxury home rentals in Seaside, FL

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  1. We're considering going this summer. Most of our friends go every year during spring or summer and apparently you have to rent a home/condo. I looked them up on VRBO and we're either VERY picky, lol or there's not a lot of truly luxurious options?
    We prefer hotels for the service and the amenities so I am comfy w/ the fact that I'm probably being too picky.

    Any tips?
  2. Did you look on Home Away?
  3. I've seen too many people get burned by booking something with decent photos online but that's not as nice in real life. I hate privately-owned vacation rentals/condos/houses for this reason; we tend to stick with hotels because they're predictable. Can you find a luxury hotel in the area or go someplace else? That area of the country is really only great if it's driving distance from where you live. Otherwise, it can be cheaper to just go to the caribbean or the Atlantic FL coast instead.

  4. I was going to go the east side of FL last winter but something came up but I had been in the planning stages and was in the same spot as you. I noticed that some of the properties on VRBO had the same contact number so I was thinking they might have additional properties not on the site. (We have been staying in a rental, not in FL, while waiting to move in a new house, that is never advertised). If any semi decent properties have same contact number I would call just to see if they have anything not listed. Also if there are any nice condo/home communities with a management office try calling them. As hard as it makes them to find I think the home owners of nicer homes don't always put them on all the sites because they are pickier about who they get. Also any real estate offices there? I always get stuck doing the planning, ugh. Good luck!
  5. I used to have family in the area. Seaside is lovely but so tiny I don't think there are many options. Beaches are great, so white with warm water, and the town is designed to be walkable, very charming

  6. We stayed in seacrest beach. It's about 10-15 minutes from seaside. Alys beach also has a lot of luxury homes. I much prefer that area over seaside. It's quieter and much nicer in my opinion. Not nearly as touristy as seaside.
  7. Seaside and the rest of 30A is great- but it is not really fancy. It has a low key elegance and you will see that in all of the houses. Alys Brach was built more recently so the properties are more current and more designed. If you want a hotel -Rosemary Beach.
    I love it out there, but it is very different from a "resort" scene.