Luxury fashionistas -- how do you do it??

  1. I love this subforum because I can drool over people's luxury wardrobes and live vicariously. Many of you could be pro stylists! I'm 32, married, a working professional w/2 kids, hubby with a good income....yet I could never dream of owning even one of the uber-expensive designer items that are commonly seen around here.

    So I'll be up-front and admit it -- I'm nosy and am dying to know what you all do for a living! :p Because whatever it is, *I* wanna do it too! :graucho:

    Or....maybe you're all just super-savvy shoppers and know where to get designer stuff for fairly cheap. If that's the case, please spill! I'm all ears!! :shame:
  2. Kristy...I buy a ton of stuff at consignment shops. I have gotten Chanel, Pucci, YSL, cashmere and tons more for under $100, and in a lot of cases way under!!!! If you are in a large town or city...I recommend popping in quite frequently at the second-hand shops. Even Salvation Army has amazing things sometimes!!!
  3. A lot of people don't buy just anything but save up for one good piece. There are also sales and stores that anne has recommended. There are plenty of great deals in the deals and steals sections. Good luck
  4. I've learned that most of these ladies know their stuff. They save for these pieces. And generally when you buy a high end piece you tend to have it for years...then the items just start to accumulate.
  5. When I can, I try to stick to the "never pay retail" rule I learned from watching The Nanny when I was 8 :smile:
  6. This sounds about right. :yes: I guess I better start saving, looking out for sales, and accumulating!!! :p

    There are several designer consignment shops here in San Francisco. I've never actually checked them out but now I'd really like to.

    Thanks everyone!
  7. I have a rich fiancee lol!
  8. in a stylish city like san francisco, you should be able to find tons of great things at high-end consignment shops.

    my roommates are asking me this question almost constantly. all i can say is that you have to make it your JOB. i've gotten to know what looks and designers i like, i know when the sales are, i know how to find coupon codes, and i know the types of things i'm likely to get a lot of wear out of. i'm very comfortable in my own style, and i'm also comfortable with buying things at places like old navy, target, and forever 21. even with a limited income, you can look like a million bucks if you buy a few really beautiful things and then fill in with basics or tendier pieces from less expensive places.
  9. My fave Nanny quote is: "it's not on sale unless it's 50% off." Good advice!
  10. First of all I have to say, my time I can spend in shops is extremely limited, as I work 14 hours a day averagely + half of time in business trips. I outsource possibly everything around the house to save some time, having maid, driver, PA -- just to be able to work more. I do not doing everyday chores, so this is perfect for me, including also that my company picks up all these bills :smile: This means that when I go to shop, I usually know what I want, as I cannot afford time-wise browsing around...

    I know what looks good on me, and by browsing such forums, I am aware of all the upcoming things re clothes, shoes, etc.
    So what I buy, really will look good, I am not experimenting on designer stuff what might be out of fashion in few months.

    I shop 2-3 times a year, in London, US or Milan -- that way I save time and all the things I buy often compliment each other.
    I do not check out usually the brands I do not know -- I know what sits well, and try on only such things. As I am tall, 180 cm, I do not even try on any other jeans than R&R. Saving time again.

    I never buy anythign on sales because of label, etc -- if I would not pay full price for the certain item, I would not get it from sales, either.
    I never buy anything what looks so-so or average on me, no matter how big is the designer currently or how much "in" the particular color is, no compromises in that-- life is too short to wear ugly clothes and shoes. When I was not really well-off, I better bought 1 nice thing than 5 average.

    Naturally, a hefty package of Sales Director helps here also :smile: Btw, I am 31, living in Europe.
  11. I check on the sale section regularly on Saks and Neiman Marcus websites. You'd be surprise what you can find there.
  12. Ditto. I love a bargain but only if it's a great piece I'm really going to LOVE and wear. A great top on sale for $40, for example, is a $40 waste if you're only going to wear it once.

    I spend my money wisely, whether looking for bargains or paying full price on something. Meaning, I spend a lot on things I need to wear a lot and penny pinch on things I don't. In the Seattle area we have a relatively short warm weather season, so I don't spend a lot on shorts or tank tops. (BUT I will splurge on great sandals because they will make a cheap tank and shorts look 'richer.'). I WILL spend money on jeans, basic work slacks, sweaters and boots, because I live in them 3 seasons of the year. Also, great classic coats.

    Sorry if this was a little long...oh and I am an IT Project Manager (single, no kids).