Luxury Deals in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong!

  1. Hi,

    I am from the USA and will be taking a trip to Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok), and Hong Kong. Which brands of luxury/European makeup/skincare/handbags/watches cost less than I would pay in the USA?

    Looking forward to your reply!
  2. I"m not sure about right now with the decline of the U.S. dollar but Dior was cheaper the last time I went and they don't charge tax. If you want makeup and skincare go to a store named SASA they cared many different European and Japanese brands at low prices. I snagged a bottle of Lancome makeup remover for $13.00 the last time I went. (referring to Hong Kong)
  3. I think Chanel is cheaper in Hong Kong. But Kiehls cost less in US.
  4. Although I have not been to that part of the world, I have done a far amount of travel. My experience is to know the prices here of the items you are thinking of buying. Often I can buy the item here for less or slightly more (and be able to return it). Try not to buy just because it is well priced, because you can not return it. The only problem with buying watches abroad or gray market here, is that if you need a warranty repair you might have to ship it overseas.

    Do bring items home with you, do not ship unless doing business with a store that is recommended by the hotel or some other credible source.

    You might want to check on the Traveladvisor dot com site lots of good there mixed in with hotel etc. reviews.

    Have a great trip....I am so looking forward to going to Singapore, hopefully, if I stop buying purses, next year.
  5. Yes, most Skincare/makeup is cheaper here than in Asia because they have to pay an import tax when they get it there.

    But if you venture into the Japanese brands skincare/makeup lin not sold here and buy it there you'll be getting a bargain.