luxury computer totes?

  1. Hi!

    Does anyone know of a luxury tote that could also hold a laptop computer? I'm sick of all the bags that look like a briefcase instead of a truly beautiful luxury tote.

  2. I bought the Ferragamo Mediterraneo in the large size. It was $1450, and worth every penny. Durable, fashionable, and just the right size. I put my computer and files in one section and my little things (phone, wallet, etc) in the other. If price is not an issue, how about an Hermes Birkin? I've never been a huge LV fan, but they do make some nice messenger style bags that could accomodate a laptop
  3. the HH Ibiza tote has thisawesome padded pocket meant for laptop use... plsu the bag converts to be smaller.. can be worn crossbody or on the shoulder... I love convertible bags... lol
  4. annlaptop.jpg
  5. I don't know if this fits under 'luxury' or not, but I was just on Nordstrom's website and they have a really cute Juicy laptop carrying bag:smile:
  6. has some laptop bags, they look much more like totes than briefcases! Good luck!
  7. I saw the juicy laptop case couturegirl mentioned. Very cute... might be too small for some laptops... LIKE MINE. i checked it out. mine is 15 1/2"
    so so sad:crybaby:
  8. So, what did you get??
  9. Acme Made makes beautiful computer bags. I got the Designer Slim case in the black/aqua circles print for my 12" MAC powerbook.