Luxury By Chanel Gold bags recalled/ defective!

  1. Dear Chanel Lovers,

    I was talking to my SA at Chanel today and she told me that there was a massive problem with the Gold color Luxury bags from last season which actually had them pulled off the shelf and sent back to the factory: the gold rubbed off, EASILY. She said that for some reason the leather did not take the color as well as the silver, black etc. She also added Chanel corperate issued a statement that if anyone wants to return their bags due to this defect they can and will be returned or repaired at no charge.

    This is not a problem with Fall line bags, such as the bronze color.

    I myself had an experience with the Gold Luxury Bowler where the color rubbed off after only a little handling.

  2. Thank you. I took my gold bowler to Neimans last week regarding rubbing and they were sending it to the repair department. I hope this means they will simply issue me a credit towards a future purchase.
  3. Art and Smooth,
    OMG, my daughter is just so sad about this. She loves this bag, actually she has never taken it out of the house. Takes it in and out of the sleeper. Had decided to wear it tommorrow, chosen a great outfit. Doing my usual , I checked the forum and nearly passed out.Smooth did your color actually rub off or did you just take it in because of the recall? Sending it to the repair department, where? These bags are made here in Europe are they returning it here, lets hope so? I don't know what to do? Should I just get a refund? Hopefully, they will repair the bag return it to us and give us a credit to use toward another purchase. Supposing, they repair the bag and it still rubs off or the finish looks different? I have a lot of questions for Chanel,OMG! Hopefully, we will hear from others on the forum to see if they also had problems. I wonder if Chanel will make a statement to those shops that carried the bags telling customers of the recall. If not that would be terrible. They should put a special announcement on their web page. Art thank you a zillion times and please keep us posted.

    Now to my next problem, I bought this bag at the Chanel in Palm Beach. They sent it all the way here and the postage was very , very, expensive. Decided that she wanted the bag and they were completely sold out all over Europe. Paying this hugh amount of postage to return this bag, oh my.
  4. Ktown, just take it in to your nearest Chanel boutique, or ship it to your nearest boutique.

    My bag was being shipped to NYC and probably to Paris from there, I don't know. I am not supposed to hear anything for about 4-6 weeks. Will keep you posted.

    The gold had completely rubbed off on the corners and strap on mine.:sad:
  5. OMG, thank you so much for the information, this forum is wonderful. I will phone the SA in Palm Beach as soon as I get home from work. I would make on sense for me to ship it back to the states, then they ship it to Paris. Or prehaps, this is the way it must be done, probably so. I sure hope they will look and feel the same when it is returned. I will tell the SA in Palm Beach if I do not like the look and feel I will expect a full refund. To insure that I am confortable with this I will ask her to fax me a written confirmation stating if I am not satified my money will indeed be returned in full. It is just pouring, pouring, rain here. I am sure these are just tears for that gold bowler. I will also ask my SA in Paris what she knows about this situation. It would be nice for Chanel to repair our bags and give us a full refund for the stress and inconvience. What a thought! I will let you know of any information I receive from this side. My little one is just so sad. I will be interesting to hear from others on the forum about their bowlers. Again, many thanks!!!!!!!!
  6. Smooth,
    My daughter just asked me please do not ask for a refund, just wait to see what happens. I said this is ok, we will wait. Chanel has plenty of calves , goats, deer, lamb, or whatever! The should just discard these bags completely and make new bags with the corrected metallic gold. It seems to me it would be more trouble to disassemble these bags than to just produce a new batch. How does anyone know how long a second application will hold, a year, forever, who knows. This type of situation is not good for my brain. I will take this apart at every angle and just make myself nuts, nuts!
  7. I was told that this is not repairable. The only thing left is whether Chanel decides it is a manufacturing flaw, or normal wear. If manufacturing flaw they will give me credit for my purchase towards another bag.
  8. ^^It's not going to happen to every bag. There's people w/ that same bag that have been carrying them for a year w/o any problems ;)
  9. That stinks ladies... I'm sorry!!
  10. Swanky is right. You won't know untill you start carrying it though.
  11. Is there some sort of time limit to how long you can take them back ? After a certain length of time will they say ," No , sorry . You had your chance . " ?
  12. I doubt it.
  13. Does anyone know if Chanel has made an official statement concerning this bag or is it just SA to customer ? I am waiting for my SA to phone be back but I cannot wait much longer have a doctor's appointment .
  14. I don't know if there has been an official announcement.:shrugs:
  15. Smooth,
    Thanks for the reply. SA called but missed me, I will phone again tommorrow.