Luxury By Chanel Bag Sightings?

  1. Hello Chanel lovers,

    I am feeling slight regret that I did not go for the Luxury by Chanel bowler when it was abundant, and now that it is scarce I don't know where to look. Has anyone seen or knows the status of the Bowler (medium) in black, silver or gold? Is it true that no more will be shipped in the Fall? Is anyone else coveting this bag, or is it not worth all the hype?

    I have a large Chanel gold bowler on hold, but I am wondering...too large? And, is gold or silver too trendy?

  2. The silver medium will be available in early July in Paris for sure, so I am thinking they should be available in Hawaii too.
  3. SwankyMamaof3 has a medium Luxury bag that is gorgeous.
    I believe she bought hers at Neimans at The Shops at Willow Bend in Plano, TX - USA
  4. I have the silver flap bag -- I hope it isn't a passing trend.
  5. I don't think gold or silver are trendy. I mean, it all depends on what you consider trendy. Everyone has different opinions on what's in and out. I love gold bags. I think they're absolutely fabulous and always in. Other people may disagree with me. Also keep in mind that this is Chanel you're talking about and Chanel is ALWAYS in style!!!! Ok, I have to admit that I love Chanel, so I am sort of biased here. Go with what you love!
  6. I was able to get on the waitlist for the next shipment of the medium Luxury Bowler in black at Nordstrom in downtown Seattle. That store has a Chanel boutique. They are only receiving matte black though, not metallic black. It was luck in that when I emailed to inquire, a customer had just canceled her order that day so I took her place.
  7. yes, no more shipments will arrive for the time being.
    I have the flap in black metallic and I think it's stunning.
    The Chanel rep that hosted the trunk show at NM told me it's his favorite! :smile:
    The NM in Plano, Tx had 2 bowlers left, the one that looks like a taco in black and the med in coral.
  8. Ears perk up...coral? Is the bag metallic or matte SwankyMamaof3? What is your opinion of this bag? TIA
  9. it's pretty! It's not metallic, but it's really pretty!
    If you call, ask for Shannon and tell her Amanda sent you! ;)
    She ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

    now I am second guessing myself. . . there was a bowler in coral and one in black, sizes could be the other way around - black Med and coral taco.
  10. I bet that coral is stunning......
  11. Thank you SwankyMamaof3. Great endorsement. ;)
  12. I have the med. bowler in the coral color. I love it. The burgundy or red as they call it is also very pretty.
  13. I just called NM Dallas and she said in the medium bowler gold and silver is totally sold out and no more will be arriving...
  14. So then I called Chanel and they said that a new bronze color and a dark silver will be arriving for the Fall in August and September.