Luxury brands that don't get faked?

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  1. Hi all,

    I heard there are luxury brands that are just not mainstream enough to be faked eg Jil Sander or Missoni.

    What do you think ?
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  2. I think I know where you're coming from, but most (luxury) designer items don't get replicated if the design is not too conspicious (I.E. someone who isn't into fashion as much won't recognise the brand, but probably will recognise the quality).

    For luxury I'd say Hermès and Cartier are decent, as they don't put out their logos as much as e.g. Goyard, LV and Chanel.
    When talking designers: Belgian designers (dries van noten, margiela, ann de meulenmeester etc.) are respectively safe, however I find that the quality of fabric they use are sometimes inferior. When also looking for quality you could try Ports 1961 or Ferragamo (but stay away from the anyhting conspicious such as the belts ;).
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  3. Hermes and Cartier have many many fakes! I have read some stats somewhere that 90% of the Hermes "Birkin" bags on the entire open market are fakes. I have seen many fakes myself all over the place. Cartier love bracelets have been faked to death!
  4. You're totally right, for some reason I had only clothing in mind and forgot about jewelery and accessories :sad:. And even then; come to think about it I've seen Hermès fake ties, belts and scarves; fake Cartier watches and wallets...

    Fakes are for fake people :P
  5. Yeah, make sense! Yes Hermes clothes would not be faked as much as it's not as well known as say Chanel. But their accessories have been faked a lot.
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  6. I honestly love Ferragamo and Ferre and if you stray aways from the "instantly recognisable" Ferragamo shoe (the one with the bow, which I find actually quite awful) you get superb quality, a very timeless classic, while not being cheap, it's not crazy and it isn't covered in logos.
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  7. I did some research into counterfeit fashion recently (well, "research" as in "multiple google searches") out of curiosity and ran into the following list of the most counterfeited brands. Based on the other articles I've seen, this seems at least largely accurate -- in the sense that other, independent sources also agree. (I'm leaving anything that's not fashion-related, like fake pharmaceuticals or electronics, off the list).

    North Face
    Polo Ralph Lauren
    Michael Kors
    Louis Vuitton

    Mark Jacobs

    The highlighted brands are the most counterfeited "luxury" brands (putting aside the argument about whether MK is luxury). I hope that's helpful! Obviously there are fakes of other luxury brands, particularly of any It Bag or It Fashion Item -- but it seems like a place to start might be the lesser known bags from any brand not listed here.
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  8. This is an informative thread. It makes me feel much better about some of my purchases, as I tend to shy away from buying second hand from the larger fashion luxury brands for this reason. My issues, though, is I tend to love vintage and many of my favourite designs are discontinued.

    I wonder, too, which designs are the most faked out of the most duplicated houses. For instance, obviously there will be a bunch of fake speedy and neverfulls, but are there other, less popular designs that have fewer fakes, or where the fakes are far more obvious?
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  9. Michael Kors is not a luxury brand. While Hermes, Cartier, Rolex and Bulgari are.
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  10. Sure. MK is more counterfeited apparently and a very popular brand that gets discussed on this forum, that’s why I included it.
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  11. Michael Kors has two lines. There’s Michael Michael Kors. There’s the Michael Kors collection.

    MICHAEL Michael Kors is the line most people are familiar with and the one that is counterfeited. Michael Kors himself does not design for this line. There is a team that does.

    Michael Kors Collection is sold in fine department stores. I have personally seen those handbags in Saks Fifth Avenue (not sure if the line is still there). Net-a-Porter also sells it as well. None of the bags were less than $800 and are made in Italy. I fell in love with a $16,000 alligator bag. The clothing is also made in Italy. I wanted a dress from that line that cost $999. It was made of Italian silk and gorgeous. It was also the cheapest thing in the store. This line is what you see on the runway. Michael Kors Collection is considered a luxury brand.

    Sorry for the long post, but I hate to see misinformation being given. I had a fashion blog for a long time, and I love studying the business side of fashion.
  12. Thank you for the insight! I appreciate the information — and you can’t deny the business sense of that structure (or the popularity of “regular” MK bags) — similar to Versace & Versus or Dolce and Gabanna & DG, I guess? Appealing to a broader, less financially elite market seems like a winning move unless your brand is designed to build clients due to exclusivity a la Hermes. Now I gotta go find a picture of that alligator bag. ;)
  13. I was in Ho Chi Minh recently where fakes are openly sold in the street markets and small businesses. Lots of fake bags, jewellery and watches copied from luxury brands like Hermes, Gucci, YSL and Chanel. I saw fake Evelynes which surprised me because I thought Evelyne was lower-priced and so would not attract much attention from counterfeiters. They also did fakes of a Singapore mid-price brand Charles & Keith which is definitely not luxury tier, so that was an unpleasant surprise.
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  14. I'm surprised that your source didn't think Coach was counterfeited as much as Michael Kors. We sure see tons of them. Even vintage Coach is counterfeited. Since the brand has been around longer, I would imagine there have been more Coach fakes over the years.
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  15. That would make sense to me too. I’ve run into both Coach and MK fakes during trips to second hand stores, but I’ve seen more Coach for sure. (At least, I’ve been able to tell more “Coach” bags were fake than MK.)

    The articles I was quoting were all recent, I bet if there is data from 10 years the list would be different.
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