Luxury Bowlers - Deer and Goat (Pics)

  1. Okay, pics of the Deerskin and Goatskin Luxury Bowlers side-by-side; Deer on the left, Goat on the right. No flash, different lightings. Click on the photos to enlarge and see detail. Neither are stuffed.

    I adore the Goatskin! The Deerskin is definitely more everyday leather - soft, squishy, and super durable whereas the Goatskin has a more structured, rounded shape (and who knows if the peeling problems will eventually affect the black metallic). Of course the Goatskin is brand new versus the Deerskin which has been used a fair amount since early August. Goatskin owners - how has your black metallic broken in with use? Does the leather get slouchier or is it still formed?

    I have 60 days to figure out if the Goatskin stays or the Deerskin goes! I could honestly justify a need for both but must remain practical with the budget funds.
    DeerGoat2.JPG DeerkGoat6.jpg
  2. ahhh...! roey!! it's here! i love them... BOTH!

    you're getting me into trouble now, i've finally scrimped enough (and nagged at the boyfriend for donations non-stop) to get another chanel, and you're tempting me to get... another luxe bowler!!

    but i ADORE it...! ughhhh, 60 days never seemed so short :/
  3. I don't own either of these, but I am partial to the Deerskin! I love how it's not so structured and has that squishy look. Tough choice though!
  4. They are beautiful. I don't have either so can't comment on the leather except to say that I prefer slightly structured bags.
  5. I like the goatskin now that you have them compared side by side. The deerskin seems more matte and the goatskin has that gorgeous shimmer to it. I don't think the goatskin is structured at all but of course I don't have deerskin to compare to! I posted a pic of mine empty and it has the squishy look that your deerskin has I think?


  6. I love ALL bowlers so I think they're both wonderful bags. Congrats on your new baby :yahoo: .
  7. Let me add that I'm going to be picking up a "small", "lighter" something :graucho: this weekend and will be unveiling it Sunday or Monday :yahoo: .
  8. Twinklette, I can see where the top of your bag squashes down versus being more rounded. I won't be using the goatskin except to parade it around the house in case it has to go back to Saks. The deerskin I would definitely ebay if I had to part with it, since it can't go back to Nordstrom; I used it too much to do that to the next buyer even though it still looks pristine.
  9. And we must remain in suspense until that time? :yucky: LOL!
  10. :yes: :graucho: ;)
  11. Roey..I think I prefer goat skin. I like how it looks more structured even not fully loaded. Plus the subtle sheen and the leather ...You are definitely in trouble.:graucho:
  12. i think the deerskin is really pretty.... i really like the subtle metallic sheen... but i prefer the structuredness of the goatskin...

    would the goatskin become floppy too after use?
  13. The difference is quite interesting! Thanks for posting pics! I like the goatskin better based solely off of your pics. The deerskin looks really mushy and so much more matte.
  14. Based on the 2 pics, I personally prefer the deerskin...I'm now having second thoughts about my order.
  15. Goatskin, hands down the more attractive bag!:yes: