luxury bowler

  1. anyone know how much Canada sells for the bowler bag in the luxury line..... silver please :smile:
  2. the medium black metallic is CAD$2500, i assume the silver is the same....??
  3. yup. its the same price
  4. thanks alot!!!!! i really hate chanel's website....doenst' got anything and i dun wanna go to chanel and ask how much for every bag that i want. now i got a budget...that's good Thanks!! should i get this or the cambo large tote? in black and white? i really want pink but at teh chanel in holt, they said dun have much left. the only pink they got is in style that i don't like. ohh btw, anyone know when is the sale for chanel? my mom usually get notification, but i'm scared they won't send it again cuz its been a year since my mom last brought a chanel. thanks