luxury bowler

  1. I had one and regret selling it. If anyone sees one in goat or deerskin, please let me know. Color is not especially important, but black would be great.
  2. hey lulilu, i just sent mine back to Saks about a week ago. I just didn't think the bag was very practical for me at the moment (as a college student and all), but it was the metallic black in goatskin. if you are interested, PM me, and I can send you the details!
  3. I just told by NM in Las Vegas that they have one luxury bowler in the dark silver!!!
  4. The lux bowler is coming out in patent--I believe the colors are red, white, black and navy blue. That's another option...
  5. which one is the bowler?
  6. you can find the pics in the chanel reference library under luxe ligne.
  7. Bump! Any sightings of a black bowler????
  8. ^^Thanks. I have been watching that, but think it will be too big for me. Wah....
  9. i saw two luxe bowlers, but none of them is black and goat skin.
    one is in bronze and its in bloomie on Lex in NYC.
    the other one is in dark burgendy in hirshfelder (hope i spell this right) in americana shopping center in Manhasset on Long Island.
    both are 2165 before tax.
  10. The bronze is probably Deerskin....Beautiful! It is such an awesome color! I wanted a black until I saw the bronze......