Luxury bowler, which colour should I choose?

  1. :yes: I want to get my first Chanel bag, the luxury bowler. I love it so much!!! I don't know which colour to choose, gold or silver or metallic black?

    I need some advice please :sos:

    Thanks :heart:
  2. metallic black is gorgeous!
  3. I'm not sure you have much of a choice any longer. I'm pretty sure gold is sold out everywhere.
  4. REALLY??? I'm not sure either... as I didn't ask yet :P
    Trying to see which is the best colour to get... btw, which one is nicer?
  5. Metallic black.
  6. I prefer the metallic black. Hopefully, you can still find one.
  7. Thanks gals...
    Metallic black??? But I prefer gold or silver:P
    Sorry, I think I like gold or silver more.
  8. Metallic black for sure.
  9. It seems metallic black is really stunning.... how about gold and silver? NOT GOOD???
  10. I'm a fan of metallic black- it is the most versatile.
  11. DollyGirl, please don't take this the wrong way, but...If you really want gold or silver, why ask about metallic black?

    I like the metallic black. It goes with so many events, but if you want gold or silver then that's what you should get.
  12. then why did you ask?:confused1::lol::lol:
    I love all the colors, but I agree, you're not going to have much of a choice probably.
    I have a metallic black Luxe Flap and I adore it!
  13. :P Sorry, I like metallic black too, but after keep looking at the pictures... I started to like silver and gold more. That's why I ask.... but seems everyone like the black one more.:confused1:
    No one vote for silver & gold?
  14. I like the silver, but pretty sure they are sold out. They do have new color choices now. You might want to go to your local boutique to check them out.
  15. Well, the metallic black is a very special color.
    It's black so it's a staple, but it's SO beautiful as a discreet metallic, it has serious lasting power and at this price a lot of people like that insurance.
    The metallics are beautiful, but not a neutral and may not have the same timelessness.
    If you already have a bunch of Chanel staples, then a metallic good be a great choice for you!
    Choose what YOU love!