Luxury bowler~ what colours there are in 2007 collection?

  1. :confused1: Do anyone know if Chanel still making luxury bowler or not?
    If yes, what colours there are in 2007 collection?

    Thanks :shame:
  2. So far I've seen white, dark silver and khaki.
  3. in patent it will come in white, red and black. :smile:
  4. patent lux bowler??? :s hmm.. i don't like the sound of that. too much shine for a bag as large as a bowler, perhaps?
  5. Patent? Do anyone have a pic for it?
  6. Are red luxury bowlers still available?
    Is the luxury line getting a price increase too?
  7. Boy ..I get better information here than at the Chanel store in Beverly Hills.
    anyone have any pics of the colors?
  8. Price increase????? OH NO~~~~
    How much??
  9. Here is a picture of the bowler in red courtesy of VipStyle's SA. :smile:

  10. I believe Cruise 07 Luxe Bowlers came in white, black, red, dark silver and khaki. Not sure about S/S 07, I will ask at the trunk show.
  11. Ivanka Trump has the red on the first episode of the Apprentice LA. It looked great on her.
  12. I :heart: that bag:love:
  13. i have the red bowler, and let me say that it is amazing. the color is so rich and it is perfect :smile:
  14. oooooh! must have the red bowler!:heart::heart::heart: