luxury bowler? of the three sizes?

  1. Hi girls..
    Does anyone have the catalog pic of the three sizes the Luxury Bowler came in?
    Also, what size had the stud feet on the bottom of the bag?:confused1:

  2. I can't recall if the large had stud feet, but I know that on the medium the chain wrapped all the way around the sides and bottom of the bag, and on the large it did not wrap around the bottom.
  3. there's a picture with all three sizes in the reference forum.
  4. Thanks girls...
    does anyone know if the metallic bowlers have studs on the bottom of the bag,,, I've seen the smooth leather luxe bowlers and the chain wraps completely around the bag...sides and bottom...
    Are the metallic luxe bowlers different?
  5. I thought the chain only wrapped around on the medium size (not sure about small) but definitely does not wrap around the large size (not on the metallic bags anyway).
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Is the small size the one in dark red? It almost looks bigger than the bag in the middle! It's definitely a lot longer looking and seems like it would hold more than the bag in the middle.
  8. Here we go..:yes:
    Can someone tell me what size this is??
    Is it only the metallic luxe bowlers that have the stud feet?:shrugs:
    and the smooth leather bowlers have the chain going around the entire bag? :shrugs:
    ellewithchanel2.jpg ellewithchanel.jpg
  9. ^^That is the LARGE silver luxury bowler. The medium has the chain going around the entire bag. Here's a pic of me with the medium gold luxury bowler. See the chain goes around the bottom on the medium bowlers.:yes:

  10. That large bowler looks TDF on Elle! Fits on her shoulder pretty well. I don't hear about the large bowler that often, but it is a beauty!
  11. Aw! I love that size! Does anyone remember what the large bowler retailed for?
    Any gals here in the forum have the large size?....more pics of it? :girlsigh:
  12. found another pic...:girlsigh:
  13. The medium bowler retailed for $2,160. I sold a large bowler on eBay a while back. Let me see if I have a pic of the tags and a modeling retailed for $2,420
    Large Gold 007.jpg
  14. Modeling pic of the LARGE gold bowler:
    Large Gold Modeling.jpg
  15. love your (ex) large bowler smooth:nuts: