Luxury Bowler or White Classic Flap

  1. Hi all,
    I need a quick help with making a decision on which bag to keep.
    The goatskin luxury bowler or the large white classic flap.

    Thanks :heart:
  2. Large White Flap coz its a classic bag :smile:
  3. I have to vote for the Luxury bowler because I love mine! Plus, I can't do white because I'm so scared of it getting dirty or yellowing.
  4. What color bowler? I love the white but am also afraid of getting it dirty, so I would go with the bowler on this one:yes:
  5. The black metallic goatskin bowler... forgot to mention that! :shame:
  6. I think some PFers have found the goatskin to lose its shape over time - but still love it. Go for it!
  7. large white classic flap.~!!! I really really want that... =)
  8. I vote for the that I have one, I just love it!!!!:yes:
  9. I vote flap. White flaps are gorgeous!
  10. Luxe bowler!
  11. White Flap!
  12. Luxe bowler!
  13. White Classic Flap
  14. My only worry about the bowler is that it would go out of shape.
  15. If that is your only concern, just keep it stuffed when you are not using it.