Luxury bowler or Sombrero

  1. I need some advice. I've been waiting for a black luxury bowler but i saw a black sombrero (looks like the ultimate soft) in the store yesterday and its gorgeous. Cant decide... Has anyone who has seen both let me know what you think. Thanks!
  2. i don't know what the luxury bowler looks like, but i love the style of the ultimate soft, which is the now sombrero, from all the pics i've seen of sombrero, it looks like a gorgeous bag! so i'd go for the sombrero myself
  3. pics?
  4. Luxury bowler all the way. I love the bowler style. I have the original ultimate soft so I'm not fond of the new sombrero at all.
  5. I love both but I think the sombrero is a little prettier. I saw the black and it was stunning.
  6. Another vote for Luxury Bowler. I prefer the original/older version of the Ultimate Soft -- the Sombrero just looks too fragile IMO....esp. the intertwined lambskin parts. Photos of the Sombrero really appealed to me at first, but when I saw and touched the bag IRL, I just knew it would be way too fragile for me to use.
  7. have you decided ..or better yet, you probably NEED both :graucho:
  8. I want the bag for daily use, the sombrero will hold less and i'm worried about the leather scratching. So i'm probably going to get the Luxury bowler...
  9. Both are gorgeous!

    It'd be a tough choice for me- I'd probably end up going w/the bowler because it looks like it would be more functional.
  10. If it's for everyday use, then definitely the bowler. The leather on the sombrero is too soft and delicate.
  11. Luxe Bowler for sure!
  12. luxe bowler!

    the sombrero is nice, but not as nice as the original ultimate soft
  13. i prefer the luxe bowler definitely!
  14. Thanks for the replies. I went down to look at the Sombrero again, decided not to get it. I put down deposit for a medium lux bowler in black. Was told it would be in distressed patent leather. Cant wait to get it, alth i'm not sure how the patent leather looks..
  15. i just got the luxe bowler as well - my first chanel :yahoo: - and i LOVE it to bits!!! another vote for the luxe bowler!! :yes: