luxury bowler in royal blue patent

  1. My sa called me last night to let me know she got a luxury by chanel bowler in royal blue patent. I'm not sure how hard to find they are but she said it was popular and I'm more of a classic girl so if you want it let me know and ill give you her info.
  2. whatttttttttttttttt..... is it in the new resin chain or? royal blue is a bright blue right?
  3. sounds good..any pics to share??
  4. If this is the bowler I am thinking about it is TDF! The blue is neither bright nor dull. It's a gorgeous muted royal blue IMO. The crackled patent won't show fingerprints either.

    The color combined with the shine of patent may be too much for a classic person like yourself. If you have a chance to see it IRL you definitely should!
  5. here's the pic girls!
  6. [​IMG]

    Nice blue even though i'm not into patent;)
  7. wow - gorgeous!
  8. I have seen this bag in person at Dusseldorf boutique and it was amazing!!! Kind of sporty looking though!!!
  9. gorgeous, too sexy!
  10. Yes, I've seen that bag often, it is stunning!
  11. looks good!
  12. looks good!! go for it fashion!
  13. another chanel blue :love:
  14. Go get it! I think you'll be sorry if it gets away!
  15. eeppss it looks so much like my navy blue jumbo when she's under daylight.. looks like i'll give it a pass and continue finding my HG black... :s