Luxury plz....

  1. Can someone compare the medium & small size Lux bowler? How much can each hold? How is the smooth leather bowler? Does it scratch easily? How do you find each size? What are your thoughts for them. I just know that the small bowler is longer. I've tried doing a search for the dimension as well as modelling picture of the small lux bowler, but most of you have the medium bowler. So I have no luck. :sad::sad: I don't carry much at all. Anyone have modelling pictures of the small lux bowler so I can compare the size with the medium? Any help would be great!! Thank you in advance! :heart:
  2. [​IMG]
    I did a search and someone said this was the small luxe bowler. I'm not sure if that's correct though, I think it's the medium. But maybe they were right?
  3. Thanks, Missisa...:smile: I can't tell the difference between the medium & the large bowler too especially when ppl are wearing them (due to different body size & height of the person)
  4. ^Yeah, I can't really tell the difference between the med/lrg. The small is a bit easier because it's so much shorter (height wise) and it's longer. I've seen the "small" in real life and it's very lengthy, just like in the size comparison picture of the three luxe bowlers. I tried doing a search, and you're right, it seems not many people have the small.
  5. The small is shaped exactly like a taco and the handle drop is short so it isn't a very good shoulder bag. The red bag in the pic above is indeed the small bowler. The medium is more popular because it has a better shape and longer handle drop to fit on the shoulder.

    The smooth leather is scratch resistant as there is a coating on the leather to prevent marks.
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao: "shaped like a taco"....LOL... Somehow, the bag doesn't look that long in the above modeling picture, but it looks ridiculously long beside the medium bowler. That's good to hear that the smooth leather is scratch resistant. Chanel always make nice durable leather. :tup:
  7. can I ask if bowler still in this season?.. I'm from singapore.. I tried asking the sales person to see if there's going to be any luxury bowler but he couldn't answer me.

  8. ^I believe there are matte and patent bowlers floating around. I know for a fact Chanel Ala Moana had the matte red luxury ligne bowler in small this past week.

    The metallic luxe ligne bowlers are damn near impossible to find haha.