Luxury bowler gold patent?..

  1. :idea: I got a call today because my luxury med bowler came in. It's the gold patent...

    Anyone seen this in person yet?
    What are your opinions???
    Is it an everyday neutral bag?...even though it's a shiny caramel..

    What are your thoughts..ladies please help..
  2. anyone have pics of their gold patent bowlers?:love:
  3. i saw at the eBay..
  4. I like it, but would have to see how bright it was in person.
  5. I actually really like it in the photos because it looks as though it's more of a carmel color rather than bright gold. It's definitely one I'd want to see in person before purchasing.

    It's one of those bags that in my mind will either be absolutely stunning in person or really ugly.
  6. i think it looks really pretty, love the strap.
  7. Wow that's REALLY pretty. Hope you get it!
  8. I actually really like this... it's a pretty, understated patent that can go with a lot! Hope you get it! :smile:
  9. Joseph at Saks showed me the gold when I was in NYC almost 2 weeks ago. It is a very eye catching dressy looking bag....the gold is almost yellowish mustard in color. Heads will turn when you wear this is not understated and is the equivalent of the LV Miroir.
  10. Hi... ohh really? Guess pictures can be misleading, since it appears to be a softer, more understated color... I need to see this IRL! :yes:

  11. nice bag!

  12. Really!:wtf: it looks very subtle in the pictures... I love the color in the pics..:sad:
    is it very, very shiny??... bright blinding gold??
    Does the patent hold it's shape better than the regular leather?
  13. I really like it!
  14. I think its a really pretty colour, a nice alternative to the black. The colour is muted, not too bright and not too shiny, get it!! :p