Luxury bowler bag or classic flap?


Which Chanel bag?

  1. Luxury medium bowler bag

  2. Classic medium flap bag

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  1. I really fell in love with wickedassin metallic black bowler bag. :love: I would like one in medium but I had wanted a medium classic flap bag for so long. I need your opinions please :biggrin:
  2. Oooh ... get the luxury bowler! It's more of a limited edition and it's stunning! The medium flap you can always get next time ... that's why it is part of the classic collection since it is a style that Chanel will bring out time and time again (I meant that in a good way, LOL)!
  3. Do you have other Chanels? If so, get the Bowler. If not, try to find the 2.55 re-issue in Medium or Large. I bought the grey one just recently at the SF Neiman's and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. It's classic, understated and super-chic. I use it with everything!
  4. I would get the Luxury bowler. That bag is so chic like shopmom411 said. I have a few of the classic flaps and I feel that they are more conservative and not as fun as the luxury bowler. You can always get the bowler now, and get a classic flap later :biggrin:
  5. i'm in love with the bowler too! the flap you can get anytime, but you should jump on the bowler now!
  6. I'd get the classic flap. IMO it is a must-have bag in any collection!
  7. I'd get the classic flap! I agree that the luxury bowler is a more limited bag, but it will look much more dated than the classic flap 5 years from now.
  8. If this is your first Chanel, I think you should get the classic flap bag.:biggrin:
  9. hmmm depends wat u want to use it for.... the medium classic does not fit much. and the bowler can fit ur life haha. Hmmmm i'd go with the bowler for now.. tho i usually say classic.... auch! hard choice! surprise me! :smile:
  10. I think it totally depends on what you want to do with the bag... My bowler is actually my first Chanel--I originally wanted to love the large grey Reissue--but it wasn't doing it for me. So it went back.

    Anyways, I went with the bowler because it's got a great funky classic vibe with the chain intermixed with the leather on the actual bag. The classic flap is just a classic--pure and simple. If you want some funk and edge, then I recommend the bowler. If you want a classic purse, then I'd recommend the flap.
  11. hehehe I know this will be at least her second- hopefully it will be more painfree than your tote!
  12. I vote for the flap!!! It's the classic among classics IMO. ;)
  13. i'm going to say the Classic Flap
  14. Yay! Perfect poll Eileen ;P

    You know my vote!! And I think you should get the bowler because that's what you advised me to get. bowler now, flap later!
  15. bowler!