Luxury Bowler and AMG E63 are coming

  1. I ordered the luxury bowler yesterday from Saks, so I can get a $300 gift card too. I called around and realized not every Saks has Chanel in it. I have seen the bag when I was in Las Vegas, but at that time I was more in love with the LV denim speedy so I didn't really try it on. Now as winter is coming I want a bag to go with my darker color clothing and the bowler hits me. I know I want a black one. I meant to go check the real thing but there was the EGC event I couldn't miss. So i just called. But when the SA asked if I was looking for the metallic or mat, I had no idea! I remembered I've read something like the mat is fall color, so I told her I wanted the "non shiny" one. I am not sure if the SA understood me, anyway, she had a black bowler in her hand at the moment. So I just ordered it. Now I am just sitting there wondering if I will get a metallic or mat on Monday or Tuesday.
    In addition, my husband has ordered a Mercedes AMG E63 from L.A., and it is also on the way here.The salesperson told him it should be here on Monday or Tuesday too.
    So now both of us are excited waiting for our new stuffs to arrive. :yahoo:
  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see your pics
  3. Congrats!! I hope it's the one you wanted!
  4. Congrats to both of you!!!

    Matte is 'not shiny' so I'm assuming you won't be getting a metallic one{?}
    Can't wait to see pics!
  5. oh i love that bag congrats!!

  6. GOOD CHOICES!! I can't wait to see pics!!
  7. There are different sizes of the bowler too. How much did you pay - that can help us help you determine the size.

    Saks had the black calfskin from spring which is not shiny; it's very matte. They also had the black shiny goatskin from spring and the bronze deerskin new for fall. Saks didn't order the black deerskin that I can recall from speaking to some s/a's. Some members here might be mistaken the matte calfskin for deerskin when they write about Saks having the fall black deerskin.
  8. Congrats on the purchases - I keep meaning to buy a bowler but I am afraid to shell out the money in fear of what my parents would say!! (I'm not a loser - I'm 16 so I still live @ home!!!!).
    My parents are not fashionable at all - they have no idea why I'm so interested in buying a $2000 bag!!!
    What's the most wanted colour in the bowler for fall?
  9. Ha, I'm 46 and my Mom gave me crap about buying a $2000 bag. She isn't a shopper; she doesn't "get" it.
  10. That is exactly like my parents - they say I could shop for England and I really don't get that much (honestly!!!). My mum has no designer things either - she thinks a Polo Ralph Lauren T-Shirt is expensive and the height of designer chic!!

    What am I living with!!!
    This Purse Blog is my escape and my chance to lust over bags and dream!!
  11. The price of the bag is $2160, so I think I got a medium.
    Oh since Saks didn't order the black deerskin, so I should be receiving the calfskin? What's the difference comparing to deerskin? Now I am getting nervous. Could it be a returned item? The SA from Denver Saks said it has been there for 2 weeks. I thought she meant the shipment arrived for 2 weeks.
    No wonder when I told the SA that I think mat black is a newer bag, she said no, the metallic is newer...
  12. I think most parents are similar towards these expensive name brand items. To them they believe in GOLD, DIAMOND, MINK and Rolex etc, which I am not at all interested in. They can't justify buying a $500 LV monogram especially it is not even leather. :yucky:

    Everytime I saw my mom, she would tell me not to waste hubby's money buying all these unnecessary accessories. Since I don't work and we have no kids yet, and I don't even cook or do housework, so to my mom, I am like a useless person (But I have a CS degree..) who only know how to spend. To her standard this behavior is intolerable. Lucky enough my mother-in-law understands.:yahoo:
  13. I am so happy for you, great bag, great car!!
  14. OMG!!! your husband is so lucky. that baby has over 500 hp correct? i hope he got a black one!
  15. The black metallic might be newer to the SA because Saks just got the shipment in a month ago. I'm not sure what she meant by the two week thing. Maybe some stores did get the black deerskin. Here's how to tell when you receive your bag. The matte calfskin is smooth with very little texture. The deerskin has a sheen with a grainy texture (looks like pebbling).

    This is the matte calfskin (Member Mik's picture):


    This is the fall deerskin (My bag):