Luxury Black Bowler sightings????

  1. I have desperately fallen in love with the Luxury Black bowler - has anyone seen one anywhere???? If so, any numbers or names of SA would be so very much appreciated!!! :p
  2. Which version are you looking for? Black calfskin, metallic black goatskin, or black deerskin? Black calfskin and metallic goatskin should both be available.

  3. hmm, i've searched everywhere. chanel boutiques said that they are all sold out; so if you've seen otherwise, i'd love to know!
  4. hey evy, which boutiques have you searched? so that I don't search the same places! :smile:
  5. hey chris19

    i called the chanel 800 number and various chanel botiques, mainly CA, TX, IL (chicago)and some other ones (sorry i didn't write them down...just went on a crazy calling rampage) i called neiman's, they said they were all out as well and had an SA look through the computers.