Luxurious iPhone 5 cases (for guys)

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  1. Anyone recommend an iPhone 5 case that's more of a high end case for guys?

    I know it may a little too early to go iPhone 5 case shopping, but you can post some of the 4S and I will base my decision on their old designs too!
  2. Spends on what you are looking for. Do you want something that will protect the phone if you drop it And form water. If so go with a life proof case or an otter box. If you just want luxury I would Wait and see what comes out. Some brands might not have cases for a while.
  3. Nearly all "luxury" cases are sleeves which makes the unpractical and useless. Unless it has a belt loop strap on it. The otterbox is pretty darn good for keeping the phone safe but if you are looking for a pretty case wait for the next Hermes case to come out, at least they arent terribly bulky.
  4. i don't know if those gold cases are available for iphone 5 but they are sweet.