LUXUCA.COM bag purchase. Any Feedback?

  1. I know that this is an old thread but I just wanted to add that I've sold a few items (LV, Coach) with Luxuca and the service is amazing. I absolutely loved my experience and I highly recommend them.
    I'm ready to take another batch actually...
  2. I agree with u Hirondelle...I mean the company has changed and grown since the first time I shopped with them, now it's all online but I've bought 4 bags from them over this time and both the products and the service have been amazing! Bags are authentic and I really love shopping their website. Whenever I had a question, customer service was always super courteous :smile: I recommend too :smile:
  3. Thanks for this - I was wondering about them too. I'll be sure to go next time I'm in MTL.
  4. Thank you for this post, I just found out about them through eBay and just sent them a pair of sunglasses on consignment and was a little nervous as I'm not in the area (just outside of Toronto), but I feel better now and hope they are able to sell them!
  5. Hi guys, I know this some of the posts above date from like 2010, but I was feeling jet lagged from extensive travel and couldn't sleep, so did some online shopping and wanted to share some thoughts here! Just bought my second purchase from LUXUCA in 2015. So excited! My first order in January was great. I was so pleased. Got an LV Cabas Mezzo tote. It was in beautiful clean condition as described, authentic and arrived quickly to my US address. Customer service was also amazing when I had a question. I loved my first experience. :heart:

    I live part time in Montreal, and know some older posts mentioned pick-up or drop-off in Montreal, but they don't do that anymore, at least for now. I confirmed with them over the phone. Regardless, shipping is so cheap and quick that it's actually more convenient for me to just shop the site. On my first purchase I got free shipping with the welcome code.

    So, back to my purchase! Was lusting for a classic look backpack since I'm pretty active and like to walk in the city. Found a gorgeous mint condition Louis Vuitton Damier Soho. Super elegant and clean looking. I can't wait to receive it!! Purchased it on their site over the week-end so will update you once I receive it. Cheers. :smile:
  6. Hi.. is the price in US $$ ???
  7. Hi Uke! So sorry it's been a while since I've posted and just saw your post. The prices on the website are currently in USD, but you can contact them for a CAD quote. They said they will be offering multiple currency pricing directly on the site in 2018. When I purchase from them I usually have it delivered directly to the my US address, so USD is good for me. But yeah, you can contact them in the meantime if you want to pay CAD. Service is always friendly and fast in my experience.

    And as Louis Vuitton Soho from Luxuca. It's still in like new condition. I've had it for a while now and it's still in weekly rotation with my other favorites. :heart: Now eyeing the LV Monogram Manhattan...have to give hubby a hint for the Holidays!
    my lv soho.jpg