Luxe smooth calfskin bowler from cruise - do you have a cell phone pocket in yours?

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  1. It has he dark red lining I was wondering if you had a cell phone pocketi n your bowler. The other collections seem to but not sure about this one.

    Can anyone help?? :idea:
  2. Oh wait, you know, now that I think of it, are you sure you have the cruise bowler? You mentioned in your PM it is smooth leather and the first generation spring 06 bowlers had smooth leather with the dark red/burgandy lining. The very first generation of bowlers did not have a cell phone pocket, including the metallic goatskin. The fall 06 deerskin/goatskin bowlers have cell pockets.

    Can anyone with cruise bowlers help chako out?
  3. Thanks roey for that!!:tup::yes: Maybe mine is part of the first collection! I wonder what kind of leather it is.....:oh:
  4. The smooth leather is calf.
  5. my dark bronze one has cell phone area and another flap area inside........and its inside is beige...........i had bought one in bright silver but returned it, it had no cell holder or inside flap compartment - it had come from an out-of-state store and i think it was from first generation.............but..because of the shape of the bag and the ease to get in and out of it, to me, it really doesnt matter one way or another re: the extra compartments