Luxe Ligne Flap Metallic Black or other color.....

  1. How do you like the style of it & do you recommend it? Does it look old because of the style & the color? (if it's the metallic black) A friend of mine thinks this bag is old fashion. I see people wearing the bowler style & not the flap at all. How did your metallic black leather hold up? Does it scratch easily & the metallic part get scratch off? Did the leather soften up with use & the bag become slouchier? Any pros & cons with this bag? I know I am a little late when it comes to this collection. How do you like this collection compare to the NEW Modern Chain? Oh, lastly, is the flap heavy at all? Do you know approx how many lbs? Will this bag be good as an everyday bag? Any comment will be great! Thank you! :yahoo:
  2. I have one and it's far from 'old' looking to me.

    The metallic finish looks like new on mine still but I don't carry it hard - like all day everyday to the grocery store and cheer practice:nogood:
    When I do carry it, I do not baby it however.

    You can't really compare the Luxury Ligne to Modern Chain, the Luxe is more classic and luxurious IMO, the MC is a little eadgier and heavy.

    Mine is my favorite bag in my small collection. It's sexy and a perfect transition from day to night or from casual to dressy. It's a fantastic bag!

    Here's some photos of me w/ mine.
    DSCF1347.jpg DSCF1336.jpg DSCF1341.jpg DSCF1344.jpg
  3. Thanks Swanky!!! You look fabulous with that bag on! I love it on you. I think the outside of the bag is made of goatskin. Do you know if the inside of the bag is made of lambskin or goatskin or even calfskin? Thank you!
  4. I had this bag and gave it up only because of the size. The leather is amazing, VERY durable; the style is classic yet edgy and will stand the test of time. It was THE most comfortable Chanel bag I owned - lightweight and a perfect fit on the shoulder. It stayed put, never slipped.

    The inside leather is metallic goatskin I believe, same as outside? I can't remember! It is very scratch-resistant leather both inside and out, and the leather will hold it's shape. Also, the flap is flexible and very thick, like double-layered leather. I liked that it was easy to flip back and forth.

    I like to throw things in my bag and couldn't with this one. Everything had to be arranged to fit and the fit was tight. Otherwise, I would have kept it in my collection.
  5. I think the bag is not 'old' at's pretty!
  6. Its a really beautiful bag! I use to have one and the inside was lambskin I think...
  7. Inside is lambskin. The style is not "this season" but is hardly old fashioned. It seems pretty classic to me.
  8. Biondina...why did you decide to sell it??

    Thanks everyone for your help! Keep the comments coming! ;)
  9. I'm new to chanel but this style makes me drool...:drool::drool: I dont think it looks old at all! I'm dreaming of getting this in dark silver, I wear a lots of grey so I think it would be perfect for me. Anyone know what season it was from and will they release it in future soon? Oh and has anyone seen it lately anywhere in Europe?
  10. I'd have to look again, but I don't think mine is lined in lamb. . . . I throw keys and such inside and there's not one sign of wear, I think keys would cause soem wear to show if it were lamb inside. Also, mine's not buttery like lamb inside.