Luxe flap in black metallic or classic flap in black caviar?


Which Chanel???

  1. Luxe Flap in black metallic

  2. Classic Flap in black caviar

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  1. If you could have only one, which one would you choose?

  2. I vote for Luxe Flap in Black Metallic cause I :heart: mine. :yes:
  3. i'm being an odd ball here, i voted for Classic Flap in black caviar but i totally LOVE the Lux bowler!!! hehehe!
  4. I LOVE the Lux Bowler too...Mine is coming on Friday!!!!

    But it depends...if this is your first Chanel Bag, and you won't be getting another for a while, I'd vote the Classic flap.
    It's a choice you'd NEVER regret.
  5. Thank you everyone! I love both but I can only have one. So, I think I am going to go with Classic Flap.
  6. I voted Luxe Flap, the interior is much better for me, a little deeper front to back and not so structured. It's classic and edgy altogether!:yes:
  7. i like both, but as i'm younger i'd say the luxe flap for this very reason.i think it looks chic and casual. but on the other hand the classic flap is exactly what it say a classic. it's a toughie
  8. I like both, but I usually stick to the more classic bags in Chanel so I say classic flap/black caviar......
  9. wow vote is 7 - 7 after I just added mine. lol....
    I say luxe first then classic later.
  10. If I could only have one it would definitely have to be a black classic flap in caviar leather.
  11. Classic Flap is my vote! I just got one in cream and I love it!!
  12. i like them both. it really depends on what your needs for a bag are. i think the luxe is more fun and for everyday use. what size were you thinking of getting the classic in?