Luxe flap, cotton club or diamond stitch?

  1. I'm in love with all of these. Which one do you prefer and is which most versatile and durable?
    Small diamond stitch tote in black, Luxe flap in black, or cotton club tote in bronze. (I know, I love Swanky's bags ;) )
  2. they are all beautiful. i cannot choose one. good luck making your decision.....
  3. Impeccable taste!:biggrin:

    what are your needs?. . . I LOVE them all but can quickly tell you which would suit your needs majority of the time:yes:
  4. bronze CC tote! It's gorgeous and holds a TON!
  5. Well I don't need to carry a whole lot, I prefer to carry the basics. I would use it as an everyday bag and it has to be somewhat durable because I have toddlers.:smile:
  6. aaah, I'd have to go w/ the CC Tote then.
    The Luxe Flap would probably be the right size for you, but isn't quite as durable as the CC Tote and would hold travel wipees, wallet, etc. . . but if you needed to grab a snack and sippy cup, it wouldn't hold that.
  7. i agree with Swanky
    i have 2 out of the 3! CC tote in blue and Luxe bowler in bronze
    cannot go wrong with the tote, it holds sooo much and is sooo durable
  8. Thanks ladies. I'm heading over to the Chanel boutique tomorrow. I can't wait to try these on!
  9. I hope they have them!
    Let us know what you think!
  10. I agree with the CC tote. Keep us up to date on your purchases!
  11. spylove-- i think you have great taste! :graucho: i have the luxe flap, and am yet to receive, but am waiting on, the cotton club tote in bronze and the white diamond stitch tote...good luck with your decision and let us know!
  12. i really love all three. You have the same problem i'm having right now.
  13. I've got toddlers and find the CC tote perfect for holding everything I need. Good luck with your decision!
  14. i'd say either the DS tote or the CC tote! i love the DS tote more than the CC tote but i think the CC tote would be a little less high maintenance than the DS tote.
  15. All three are a must for every Chanel collection! I have the Luxe flap, Outdoor tote (very similar to DS) and will soon be holding my very own blue CC tote on the way from Seattle!

    Gotta agree with Swanky and the gang who have little ones. The CC tote is going to fit your needs in terms of size and durability. The DS tote (small) will be durable but probably lack size. The Luxe flap doesn't really hold a whole lot. I can't even fit my Chanel hard sunglasses case inside.