Luxe DH

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  1. Hi, this website is confusing and I would not buy from them, but always authenticate specific bags you are interested in.

    -they only sell pre-loved bags but they may also be new(?)
    -the return policy is confusing and you probably never will get refund within the 7 days.

    Here are more names on this website:

    Hope it helps.
  2. I think this site looks legit. HOWEVER, as Elliespurse said if you want a specific bag authenticated then please ask in the appropriate name-specific forum.
  3. Just found this website but am scared it might not be legit (ie they sell fakes, sell off your credit card numbers, etc.):

    I feel nervous b/c the prices seem unbelievably low compared to other well known online consignment sources like fashionphile or yoogi's closet.

    Any input would be appreciated :smile: I did do a search but could not find a thread for this, but please do let me know if there is something on tpf about this already.
  4. Hi, they sell second hand bags and there's always the question of authenticity. Make sure the photos are of the actual bag and authenticate the bag here before buying. If they can't provide enough photos for the authentication then it's best to look at another reseller in my opinion.

    It's hard to say how they handle CC numbers though.

    Here's one more thread on this:

    Hope it helps.
  5. thanks for the thread. some of the bags look suspect to me. i was looking through their LV bags, and the epi alma they have looks a to me. i was mainly interested in a marc jacobs bag, but the fact that even one of their bags seemed off to me makes me feel suspect.
  6. LVmommy45 - The best is to look for trusted sites in the shopping sections here for the designer you are interested in. Also, always authenticate second hand bags here before buying.

    For the replies there are "Thread Tools" at top right on the page where you may select "Subscribe to this Thread"..
  7. Does anyone know whether is as same as

    I was looking for some pics of Marc Jacobs handbags and found these two websites who have indentical formats and customer service phone number. Both carry some same items, same pictures with better image and more pricy on Luxedh side.

  8. Honestly, I don't know, but I emailed luxedh to ask because I have purchased from them once, and the bag I received was authentic (a Balenciaga). Obviously, if it is the same company, I may not get a truthful answer, but, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt until they respond. I believe the CS number is an answering service that several companies use as I did call once, and the recording was for a different company (not handbag related). However, when someone returned my call, it was a very nice CS agent from luxedh.

    I will report back if I hear from them.
  9. Thanks cbarrus for your response.

    Just fyi, when I went back to these websites for another look this morning, luxdh is still there but has changed their format with only LV's products. It still has same wordings for policy, shipping, terms and regulation though.

    Hmm, I just wonder if had read my thread and decided to improve their appearance over night...
  10. Hi, it's possible they read this thread and decided to improve, it's also possible they copied luxedh pages in the first place. They are registered in China, see this page lookup..
  11. A few months ago it came to our attention by one of our customer that had stolen the code and images of our site ( We were able to contact the Chinese authorities and hosting company and with their help we were able to remove their site from the Internet. This company has registered a new domain and copied our code and pictures again. None of these sites are associated with either, or Szerer Ventures.”
  12. Thanks everyone for your great input.

    What confuses me the most about these copy cats is that they not only advertise IDENTICAL items for less but also fearlessly feature item's pictures for authenticity. Exactly like LuxeDH. How can they sell things that they don't have?

    I had considered purchasing one of the designer handbags I found on LuxeDH until came along. It's so confusing and scary!!!

  13. Thank you for clearing that up. I am sure this has been very frustrating for you and your company.