Luxe bowler?

  1. Ok ladies I just recently fell in love with the luxe bowler. Now am I too late to catch these babies in the stores? Or is it going to be an eBay find? I'm not a chanel expert like many of you ladies are, but please give me the good news? I'm sitting in my chair dying to have one of these. I would guess this is the medium sized. Not sure what it's made of. Help me!! Thanks.
  2. I know that they are sold out in a lot of boutiques but I'm sure there are still some floating about...there are a couple on eBay right now but get them authenticated first. I love the luxe bowler too but I'm too poor to get one now.Good luck in your search!
  3. these have long since sold out in stores, but like Glamazon Huntress said, there are a few popping up on eBay occasionally! Also, i think i read in a recent thread that one of our members Shiny Hair was offered one for sale by a fellow tPFer? Good luck with your search!
  4. Yes hehe I was also looking for one (though not very hard since I can't afford it now). They are really quite hard to come by and from what I gather, your best bet is either a second-hand store, the stores in Tokyo (where leeleelee has seen one in almost every colour!) or on ebay. I was offered one but passed it up, another PFer has already expressed interest. If you want, I will PM the PFer who contacted me to see if the bag has been sold and get her to PM you?