Luxe Bowler Question

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  1. What does the luxe bowler look like inside? Is it roomy or does it have pockets inside similar to the GST and Cerf? Please share pics if you have them. Here is an image from fieryfashionista's post in the black and grey thread for reference.

  2. it's roomy w/ side pockets:yes
  3. here's what my luxe bowler can hold. it's verrryyy roomy! will try to post pics of the inside without the contents.

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  4. oooh that color is insane!!!:love:
  5. I agree. That is a gorgeous color. Thanks for the images! :tup:
  6. mine holds as much as any big bag i have (except maybe coco cabas black vinyl whale), even my GST! and when filled, its light too!!!
  7. Are some bowlers longer than others? That's such a great bag!!
  8. My black patent leather bowler has pockets and is quite roomy but I like the size of my large Diamond Stitch tote better.
  9. I freaking LOVE this bag. I can't help much, I don't own it but just wanted to chime in and say that it is so super gorgeous! Are you considering getting one?? :smile:
  10. wow, the blue one looks amazing!
  11. thanks for the compliments ladies! i :heart: my patent blue bowler too! i have another one in patent red--will try to post pics tom!

    SINA--yes there are 2 sizes of the bowler, the medium and the long. the images i posted are medium size. the large is too big for me, i think. although the advantage is that the large one easily fits over the shoulder, while the medium would be best hand carried, or carried by arm.
  12. actually, the bowler comes in 3 sizes:yes:
    Most popular is the medium, the large is pretty massive and the small is really small, looks and is shaped like a taco :biggrin:
  13. Not sure who your question was directed to but my answer is :yes:

  14. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  15. I love my bowler and it's quite roomy. I can fit lots with room to spare. You should totally get it!