Luxe Bowler or Cabas?

  1. Help! I'm torn between buying a luxe bowler and a coco cabas baby .... care to recommend?
  2. coco cabas baby!
  3. luxe-bowler!! It's more timeless.....I think.
  4. I vote for both! I love my bowler and I'm on the wait list for the cabas.
  5. i prefer the luxe bowler!
  6. Definitely both!!! Both are great bags! But if I absolutely had to limit it to one, I'd probably go with the bowler too.
  7. I vote for the Luxe bowler. It is my favorite bag!
  8. Baby Cabas, IMO
  9. ive asked the same question! id go for bowler first probably...and definitely get the cabas if there are enuf funds :smile:
  10. BOTH gorgeous bags! I'd say the luxe bowler is more classic, but OH that baby cabas!! If you can get your hands on one... get it!!
  11. i love BOTH bags but i love the Luxe Bowler more!!!
  12. lux bowler!!!
  13. The Luxe Bowler would be my first choice. I really like the Baby Cabas too so it is a very close second. I guess for you it would depend on what you plan to use it for and how much you need to put into it. Good luck and please let us know what you decide.