Luxe Bowler - Help!

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  1. Hi all! New to Chanel (normally in the LV and Balenciaga forums) and have now decided (after months of lurking) that I need a black luxury bowler! I really prefer the deerskin (lambskin?) in black or metallic black, but all my local NM had (to transfer in) was black patent. Can anybody tell me if there are any black (non-patent) luxury bowlers available? Where would be a good place to start calling? TIA!

    PS If I go w/the black patent - do you think it will be timeless? Or look dated in a few years?
  2. It will be very hard to find a non-patent bowler. Those sold out very quickly last year. There was a returned bowler at my NM about 3 months ago and could shoot myself for not snatching it up. It's long gone now. I really think eBay is your best bet at this point.
  3. ^^Thanks, that is what I thought....
  4. Saw one at NM SF 2 wks ago... small non-patent in red - they just got it so maybe they have a black?
  5. Go with the patent, you really can not go wrong. I am loving mine ( one of the best things is that you can not scratch it!!!!)
  6. the metallic black was gone long time ago. they are last year stock. i think you cant go wrong with the patent. i saw irl before and its beautiful! go with patent!! good luck.
  7. Sorry to borrow this thread. I have a question about luxe bowler as well. Do they come the one with white patent with SH? I saw one lady carried that yesterday. And I felt thats a fake, but just not sure.
    Anyone can confirm this for me?

  8. I saw a white patent bowler at my NM a couple of weeks ago but it is gone now. So they definitely made that color combination.