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  1. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with they seems have a lot of stuff discounted ..but seems very new?
  2. Well, they don't know how to spell luxury...
  3. LMBO! I was about to say the same! :ghi5:
  4. I think the OP meant
  5. Are they supposed to be a discount seller? Because the prices aren't that good to be, the bag selection is kind of limited.
  6. Hello,
    This kind of any site doesn't exist in Google...
  7. Goodness, this thread is somewhat odd......
  8. Hi! I purchased a Michael Kors bag from, but I saw this post first since I wasn't sure if the website was legit though. My bag came in a few days and was totally an MK bag! So I'm happy to share the site is legit. Hope this helps you guys.