Lux Line Flap Bag or Black reissue 227??

  1. Okay so out of these two which one would you pick?? The reissue black 227 or the black lux line flap bag?
  2. I would choose the black reissue. It's a classic,but it's more than that...this is a really special bag that has to be seen to be appreciated.I like the new silver hardware too. Mine has the gold and that suits me better.

    I'm not too enamoured of the lux line bags myself...I find them a bit overblown,overdone and I don't like the big CC logo thing. The reissue is striking in a subtle,elegant way!!

    Honestly,I put off getting it for so many other bags because I thought it was a bit dependable-but-boring... but is has been a pure pleasure:biggrin: .

    Good luck whatever you choose!!
  3. Black reissue! I agree with Quirky about it being subtle. Yet it is deeply elegant, and luxe.
  4. I chose the Luxe flap. They're SOOO different it's really hard for me to compare those 2.
    One has quilting, one doesn't, one 'latches shut the other doesnt, the leather's are different. . .
    what's your style?
    The Luxe Flap is edgier w/ the chain woven through. The 2.55 is more conservative/classic IMO.
    I preferred the Luxe because of the softer shape and because it's not their classic flap design.
  5. reissue! its more classic
  6. I think it depends on how many other Chanel you have. If you already have a classic flap, and want something different, then I'd go for the luxe flap.

    I agree with swanky that they're very different bags. Luxe flap has more edge, while reissue is more classic. For me, since I already have a black classic in caviar, it was a no brainer that I chose the luxe flap. Also, I think it is one of those bags that you just love or you don't. For me, the instant I put it on my shoulder, I was sold. It just felt right, on my shoulder, with my wardrobe...
  7. i vote for the reissue. :yes: :biggrin:
  8. I vote for the Luxury Line Flap Bag!!:yes::heart:
  9. I must say that the reissue can be as edgy as you want it to be. i wear it with my Ann Demeulemeester and Martin Margiela clothes and it's anything but "chic little French dame of a certain age" :lol:
  10. ^^^Completely agree!
  11. I have both and love both. Can't be of much help. :smile:
  12. I have successfully put off buying a classic flap because I tell myself that it will always be available. But I think it depends on what you're looking for, and how you usually dress. I think the Lux line is glam and fun, but the classic is something you can use for the rest of your life without it going out of style.
  13. Reissue! The luxline is just good marketing IMO...what makes the bags so special??
  14. ^the black metallic color is SO special IMO. Also the chain being woven into the leather is pretty snazzy to me too!
  15. I would buy the black reissue first