Lux Line Bowlers on Ebay

  1. I don't follow the Chanel forum that much so apologize if this has been posted already but personalshoppers has the metallic silver:

    and the black (nonmetallic):

    What is retail on these bags?
  2. I think the retail is only $2285, but I could be wrong. Some of the girls on the forum have this bag, I'm sure they could help!
  3. Retail is $2160.
  4. Yeah, as stated above.
  5. Wow. Why are these that much higher? Are they hard to get?

  6. They're not hard to get, but you may have to wait for a bit if it is out of stock.... Maybe its for people who dont know where to get them? I dont know, lol
  7. I saw the large metallic bowling bags at a chanel boutique yesterday. The leather is beautiful but the bag is very big and the chains are too short to easily go over your shoulder. :sad:
  8. Luxury By Chanel bags are a higher price because of the materials and workmanship that go into the bag.

    LBC (Luxury By Chanel) bags are completely lined in leather.

    The chain design is incorporated into the body of the bag. For the body of the bag, each "tail" of leather has to be hand worked into each link, then the bag is sewn. The leather on the chain strap is also woven into the chain links by hand. On some LBC styles, the chain and leather are braided. On other LBC styles, the chain strap is one long piece, incorporated into the body of the bag. It is a very time consuming process.

    It's a beautiful bag. I have the metallic gold bowler and the black metallic tote. I'm thinking of purchasing a denim LBC next.
  9. She's not talking about why they are expensive

    She is questioning why on ebay they are being sold above retail value
  10. If you would guess, how long do you think the bag would be in inches?
  11. Which tote do you have? I'm considering the shopping plat or the tote but I'm unsure which one. Any comments on either of the bags would be appreciated!
  12. I just bought the Flap. . . I'd love to see yours, have you posted photos yet?
  13. hmph. I just saw the medium classic vintage one in the store last week, so I don't understand why she is marking everything up $200. They're still available.
  14. There are a lot of sellers on ebay that buy a hot bag retail and mark it up to make a profit...otherwise they would just be getting their money back and for many they bought it just to make a profit not for personal use. Then on top of that ebay takes a percentage and paypal take s a cut so at the end of the day people that do this on a $1k plus item are probably barely making a $100 back in their pocket. There is also the risk that it doesn't sell. Many also hope to pick a limited edition bag or a hot one that will sell out quickly and they can always find a buyer that wants it so bad they will pay more than retail because it is sold out and you cant get it anywhere....hence that justifies the premium. Although I have found that some sellers will say it is sold out everywhere in their listing and I have called the store and found some still always check first before falling for the "its sold out" hype. In some case an ebay seller is holding bags that have been sold out. Notice Neiman Marcus has a limit on online puirchases for hot items saying you can only buy like 3....I think this is partially to protect against "scalpers" buying them all and then charging a premium....concert and sports ticket scalpers do the same thing. People are just doing it with bags now. Some sellers also have sales associate hookups and sell for a profit on top of the discounted price that they got it for...those tend to be better deals since they have a higher margin and can sell for a lower price and still make a profit.
  15. 19 - 20 inches long?