Lux Line...bowler or flap bag?

  1. Which one do you all like better? The flap or the bowler? I haven't seen them in person so I was wondering what your opinions were. TIA!!:smile:
  2. I like the bowler better ! they are both GORGOUS though :yes:
  3. I prefer the flap in luxe line since it feels more comfy on my shoulder.
  4. ^me too.
    I went in expecting to buy the Bowler {also, had never seen the Flap} and left w/ a flap bag.
    I really loved the Bowler but I HAVE to be able to carry a bag on my shoulders. I could do that w/ the Med Bowler, but not w/ a jacket/coat on comfortably so it was out.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Flap bag!!!:love:
    DSCF1336.jpg DSCF1347.jpg
  5. Swanky, looks great on you, as I've said before I'm sure!

    I say the flap bag, definitely.
  6. Thanks A!
  7. Does the flap bag fit a lot in it? Does it actually look bigger on than the bowler? Thanks for all the help!!!
  8. For me I prefer the bowler.
  9. i would go with the flap too since it can be carried over the shoulder
  10. bowler ;)
  11. I carry my bowler over my shoulder.:biggrin:
  12. bowler!
  13. Tha flap isn't larger than the Bowler. . . I fit a MASSIVE wallet - more like a travel wallet it so big, phone, keys, lipsticks and travel wipees.
    It's just big enough to fit what I need and keeps from from junking up the inside w/ stuff I don't need! LOL!
  14. I prefer the bolwer for sure. The flap is nice too but I prefer the longish shape.
  15. I like them both, but seeing the flap on Swanky made me change my mind. Flap it is!
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