LUX bowler

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  1. I tried looking this up in other thread but had no, I apologize if this was asked before.

    Does Lux bowler come in different sizes? How much are they? Are they still available in stores???? Thanks!
  2. I purchased the medium bowler and it was $2160. I know there are a couple of other bowler sizes, but I don't know the prices. I'm not sure about availability on the black and the metalic black. Those were the first ones to go. I'm sure there are some red and coral colors left.
  3. there's 2 sizes as far as I know, in addition to a flap bag, which I have.
    The medium bowler is great, it fit's on your shoulder for most people, the large is really big and doesn't really fit.
    I don't know exact pricing.
  4. Thank you!
  5. There are three sizes of the luxury bowlers. Small, medium and large.

  6. Thanks for the pic!!!!!!!
  7. I saw the large this weeke and it is huge!!