Lux Bowler question....

  1. I am new to chanel,

    I just wanted to know if anyone has ever seen this bag in white?? I'm looking for a white bag....and i really liked the Lux bowler. Let me know.


  2. I saw one at Nieman Marcus San Antonio, I think it was the small. Stephanie, an SA there, is on the board here.
  3. hi. i looooove your bowler. i have mine in gold and im thinking of getting the patent red but i saw your two bowlers. what colot is the one in left? im am so dreaming about it. is it still available on the market?
  4. It's the non-patent red - I think calfskin? You might try calling the 1-800 Chanel # and ask if they can still find one for you. Every once in awhile someone mentions seeing one.:yes: