Lux bowler or Lux flap...

  1. I'm waiting for my black patent lux bowler but my frens prefer the flap and are telling me to switch my order. Both are nice so i'm seriously confused. What do you all think?
  2. Sincerely....both are nice...try weighing the pros & cons of each bag..I believe u can come up with a "solution"...let us know yr decision thgh..

    Take Care
  3. I guess it depends on how much u want to put into your bag and how you want to carry it...

    The flap's great for under the shoulder.

    But if you want to store more, you might want to consider waiting for your bowler...
  4. you have to be pretty small to carry the bowler comfortably on your shoulder. I am not big, but I can't do it.
    I went w/ the flap for that reason.
    If you are tiny or if you don't care about carrying it on your shoulder you may prefer the bowler, although I think it may be slightly more common.
  5. i prefer the bowler over the flap :love: i think its the shape that appeals to me
  6. i love my bowler. don't switch! (: trust your instinct.
  7. i'm no help here, i like both! but if you're going to be carrying more things around, then stick with the bowler, it definitely holds more.
  8. I have both and prefer the bowler for shape and size (holds more) and the flap for comfort. The flap is super comfy on the shoulder!
  9. i like the bowler wayyyy more, i wish there was still one in canada:crybaby:
  10. LOVE seriously can't go wrong with either!!

    Good luck!!!
  11. i adore my bowler, the unusual shape and chains, combined with the stitched in the leather CC and metallic charm CC on the zipper pull, make it a great juxtaposition of edgy and classic Chanel. I have no prob wearing it on the shoulder....but i have small shoulders and arms....(unlike my rear end) :yahoo:
    hey, if JLo can look good with junk in the trunk, i can try cant I :roflmfao:
  12. Thanks for all your replies. I do carry quite alot around so yes i shall trust my instinct and stick with the bowler!