LUVVVV Banana Republic!

  1. They're up to 70% off now. I got 23 items (pants/cashmere sweaters/shirts/3 coats) for 502. I probably could've done better if I wasn't lazy and did like the coupon code place said; place orders in qty of 4 since you can use 5 codes per order. But I didn't want any of my stuff to become unavailable. The stackable codes are the best and I have luxe card. Here's the list of what I used.

    K2W83QMZ9P 15% off total purchase
    shopspring 20% off one item
    brspring 20% off one item
    spring4u 20% off one item
    spring2008 20% off one item
    springnow 20% off one item

    Now that I think about it... I could've saved a whole lot more if I had've done it that way. Then I would've gotten at least another 100 dollars or so off... oh well.

    Happy shopping girls!
  2. Thanks for sharing!!! thats awesome
  3. Thanks for the info. I'm heading to their site right now!
  4. Thanks for the codes. I am trying to run a purchase through now but their site is so slow..
  5. So the BR website allows you to enter multiple codes for one order? wow thats awesome! Thanks for the great deal!:tup:
  6. wow 23 items? that sounds like you got a whole new wardrobe!
  7. None of the codes but free shipping (WELCOME) is working for me... Could it be that they tag your account if you've used either (I had two orders this week) and you can only use it once with the same account??
  8. BR does track your coupon use with your account. So if you used one earlier this week, they won't let you use it again.
  9. Here's another one: SPRINGBR08
  10. I just used the codes! What a great deal. I got four cashmere sweaters. I also lost a few items as soon as I hit checkout. The site is slooooowwww today. But great deals! Thanks for posting!
  11. Unfortunately all of the codes are one use only except for WELCOME. :tdown:

    I did make out like a bandit though! :nuts:
  12. I gonna go check it out....thanks!
  13. Just a trick I used..

    OK here is how I did it.. I don't have a BR card... so I used the codes this way....

    1st two orders: Home email & Home Address

    1st order: Pair of shoes: originally $128 sale for $39.99 used code WELCOME & SPRINGSHOP = 34.67 with taxes
    2nd order: Pants: $98 on sale for $39.99 used code WELCOME & SHOPSPRING = $34.39 with taxes

    final two orders: Work email & work address

    3rd order: shirt: originally $58 on sale for $19.99 used code WELCOME & SHOPSPRING = $17.19 with taxes

    4th order: jeans: originally $78 on sale for $ 29.99 used code WELCOME & SPRINGSHOP = $26.00 with taxes
  14. Not a lot left in my size and a lot of disappeared at checkout, but I still managed to score two cashmere sweaters, a necklace, and a scarf for $125 shipped -- not too shabby (I don't have the luxe card so half of the codes didn't work for me)! Thanks for the post!! Yay stackable coupons!
  15. Wow, thanks for the codes! I'm on a ban but have been looking for a dark green jacket for the longest time (to match a new handbag... purchased BEFORE the ban though :sweatdrop:) and just couldn't justify it for full price! It was only $31.99 after the discount! :yahoo: