LuvDiorLvChaneL's Small but Growing Bag Collection

  1. These are my handbags and I will also be purchasing a Chanel bag soon..I will post pics of that when I get it. That black wallet is a Chanel by the way. (Its kinda hard to see the name in the picture).

  2. Great collection- love the dior
  3. i am so jealous of your pochette, your speedy and that hot dior!! LOL! Thanx 4 posting, and welcome to tPF
  4. thanks for sharing. everything's pretty! :smile:
  5. gorgeous collection!!!!:smile:
  6. Your pieces have gorgeous patina. Welcome.
  7. Very cute collection! Nice patina on your Mini Looping and Speedy 25 btw. ;)
  8. Great collection
  9. Delish and i'm not an LV fan. i LOVE that Dior.
  10. Love the saddlebag and Chanel wallet!
  11. beautiful patina on the speedy!!! love your collection.
  12. Lovely collection!
  13. great little collection, nice wallet!
  14. Great collection!
  15. very nice collection!! thanks for sharing!!!